10XCREW Reporting Amazon App

10XCREW supports brands with their D2C strategy on all major marketplaces.
To monitor the overall performance on Amazon we use our Amazon reporting app.
With this app our specialists can act upon actionable insights extracted from the data.

We monitor our clients sales to track the impact of our optimizations.
In the 10XCREW dashboard we gather data of all sales channels, including Amazon, bol.com and other marketplaces, Google Ads and the clients brandshop.

Our Amazon app allows us to monitor the stock health, movements, and events. We make sure we are on top of any event or issue and take action where needed to improve important KPI’s like the IPI score.
With historical sales and other datapoints we predict which of the products needs to be replenished.
We can also predict the quantity over time.

To increase conversions and rankings on amazon we optimize listings. We track pageviews and brand analytics to create the best listings for the products.

Growth is great but at 10XCrew we also look at the bottom line. We calculate the margin and optimize the advertising budget accordingly to maximize the growth. Together with the client we take control of their brand and products offered at Amazon.

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