Build your brand and get in control of your customer journey

Your own online shop is an important part of your business. It is not only your business card and THE platform to present your brand in the right light. With a well-designed online shop you make sure your customers have a seamless customer journey and you get to know them better by collecting valuable customer data.

We can help you set up a completely new brandshop in Shopify or we can take a look at your existing brandshop and develop a concept that fits your brand perfectly. Your brandshop is the way to get a grip on your brand and present it optimally to your customers.

Once your shop is set up properly, our specialists ensure that enough and the right traffic comes to your page. With the right strategy we collect customer data so you know your target audience and can take the right actions to make your customers come back and stay with your brand.

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Businesses of tomorrow need to be built on balanced foundations: Empathy and pragmatism; foresight and insight; humanity and technology. At A Consult Co., we treat organizations as partners, with a strong focus on collaboration. We see our clients as human, and we work with the challenges they face.

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth setting up a brandshop?

Yes it is! The brandshop is a crucial part of our D2C-strategy. In the brands own online shop we have complete control and can gather all relevant data to optimize the whole customer journey.

Do you build brandshops in Shopify?

Yes, we do! We are here to take over this task. We set up your shop for you and make sure it’s ready to let your brand shine. But that’s not all, our team of specialists will also make sure your shop is perfectly integrated in your D2C strategy.

Why not only sell on marketplaces?

In the first place it seems a lot easier to just sell on marketplaces. But your brandshop is as important as your marketplace strategy. Together they are part of your D2C plan.

How do you get traffic to the brandshop?

Our experts are specialized in increasing organic (SEO) and paid (SEA) traffic from Google and Facebook, and conversion rate optimization.

Wondering how we can take your brandshop to the next level?

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