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Meet the (10X)CREW! Our team has grown to over 40 people, so it’s time to introduce the (10X)Crew members. Meet Hidde, our Head of Supply Chain and Operations and read about how he experiences being part of the team and more! 

Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

I am Hidde Boerkamp and I am 27. I’m from Ugchelen: a very small village near Apeldoorn. When I was 17, I left for Wageningen to study Business and Consumer Sciences. I also spent a year in Delft for a minor in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics. That highly technical subject was not my cup of tea, so I ended up with a Master in Supply Chain Management. Since then, I have lived in Tilburg. I still play football in Apeldoorn, so I have to travel there and back every weekend. I also like to cycle, watch sports, take pub quizzes and go out with friends. 

Could you tell more about your time at 10XCrew so far?

I started as a Supply Chain Specialist in October 2021. Last April, I became Head of Supply Chain within 10xCREW. Earlier this month, I also became responsible for Team Operations. What I really like about this position is that I have influence on the company’s journey. I started with the acquisition of a number of customers, but now I’m determining where the departments and the team should go. I love the fact that I have the space to provide input into the business operations, because it’s a small and growing company. My work challenges me and that does give me a boost. 

What does your work as Head of Supply Chain look like?

Right now, I determine the setup of the supply chain and operation processes for our customers. I make sure that everything is more structured. I am also still active in operations, which means I directly help our clients. I am working on automating processes for more efficiency. In addition, it is important to further expand our team. To make this run as smoothly as possible, I am working on an HR structure within the supply chain and operations team. Finally, there are also a number of projects around innovation, progress and structure that I am busy with.  

Why does 10XCrew suit you?

First of all, I really like the fact that we have a young team. Secondly, I really like the way we work. It is very data-driven and transparent. I like the fact that I can make my choices based on data. 10XCREW is a small company where not everything has been established, yet. I enjoy trying to create order and structure in this. Last but not least, the cooperation between all colleagues is really great. That is really a must for a great working place. 

What do you still want to learn in your position? 

A lot. I really like the fact that I am now working on supply chain management off the beaten track. For manufacturing companies, supply chain management has been pretty much framed in recent years. It was a bit of a booming business, so the whole sector was hammered out with proven working concepts. That is not yet the case in the digital world. We are not so much concerned with physical goods, but more with information flows. That requires a completely different approach, so I am curious to see what it will do in the near future. This also means that our operations departments is an important part of our business, as they are responsible for the information flows in the e-commerce environment. This allows me to further develop myself in multiple disciplines. In addition, I want to develop myself in the management role in order to build up the best possible team with a good basis and structure. I am really curious wat the future holds for 10XCrew and happy to have an active part in this journey. 


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