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Meet the (10X)CREW! Our team has grown to over 40 people, so it’s time to introduce the (10X)Crew members. Meet Henrike, one of our Advertising Specialists, and read about how she experiences being part of the team and more! 

Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

Certainly! I am Henrike. I am 30 and I live in Breda. I have my college degree in Communication and Multimedia Design and after that I did the pre-master and master Communication and Influencing at the Radboud University. I’ve been working as an advertising specialist at 10XCREW for about one and a half years now. In my spare time, I like to take pictures. I also enjoy going for walks, having a glass of wine and watching a good science fiction series.

Could you tell more about your time at 10XCrew so far?

Time has really flown by and a lot has happened. When I started, the composition of the team was very different. A number of advertising specialists moved to the client lead team. The team currently consists of six people. I really like having a team I can fall back on. If one of us has questions or runs into things, we all make time to help each other out. Because the contact between us is so good, we also learn a lot from each other.

What does your work as Advertising Specialist look like?

Let me start with: no day is the same. Cliché, but true. That’s what I like about it. I am helping clients to sell optimally on marketplaces by means of advertising. I make sure that advertisements and products are visible, that consumers see the products and buy them. Within the advertising team, everyone is responsible for his or her clients. In addition, we often discuss our learnings and how we can tackle situations. We also test a lot together, such as new features and pass on the learnings the other departments. Despite the fact that we work for our own clients, we have a lot of contact as a team.

Why does 10XCrew suit you?

It is a very young company and there are many possibilities and flexibility. This is reflected in, among other things, unlimited days off and sports during working hours. Everyone in the company is very motivated and I like that a lot. There really is a team spirit: working together to achieve the best result. That is very motivating and inspiring. I would describe it as a winner’s mentality and that is something I can absolutely identify with. I feel very much at home and at ease at 10XCREW.

What do you still want to learn at 10XCrew? 

I want to develop myself in the field of data, especially analyses. We have a data team that takes us all the way through this now, but I think that we can still make some gains in cooperation with them. I would like to contribute to that.


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