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Meet the (10X)CREW! Our team has grown to over 40 people, so it’s time to introduce the (10X)Crew members. Meet Thijs, one of our Client Leads, and read about how he experiences being part of the team and more! 

Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

My name is Thijs Denteneer. I am 30 and I am from Eindhoven. I was born here and have actually lived here almost all my life. Only for my Master’s degree I settled down in Maastricht for a while. I graduated in International Business with the specification strategic marketing. 
In my private life I love sports. I play football and during corona I started playing tennis, but nowadays I mainly play padel with a group of friends. I also like to travel and in the summer I always go on a long trip. Festivals and music in general are also part of my hobbies. I have a pretty broad taste in music, but most of the time I listen to a bit of old school rock music, pop and eventually a lot of hip hop.  

Could you tell more about your time at 10XCrew so far?

I have been working as a Client Lead for three months now. In 10XCrew, I have found an employer who offers me the opportunity to help shape work processes and steer them in the right direction.
Selling products on Marketplaces was completely new to me. The learning curve for me was therefore really steep during the first few weeks. I gladly seized the opportunity to make myself a more complete online marketeer in this way. We are a close team, taking care of each other and as a newbie I receive good guidance from my colleagues 
Furthermore, here I have the space to plan my own time, both at the office and at home. Flexibility and room for growth and development are two things that I find very important in an employer. I am really happy 10X offers both. 

What does your work as Client Lead look like?

As a Client Lead, I support clients in the world of e-commerce. Together with the client, we develop a strategy for selling successfully on online marketplaces. We set goals and determine whether these expectations are actually achievable. In addition, we look at the potential growth path and the things we want to discover together. Internally, I then liaise with all departments to implement the defined goals together with the team. I am happiest when I can work with people and constantly develop myselfwhich is why this position fits me so well. 

Why does 10XCrew suit you?

It is a fairly young company. Personally I like that, because you quickly have more in common with your colleagues. I think it is very cool that everyone is so different from each other and that there are several profiles within the company.  
The office is nice, in the center of Eindhoven and close to my home. To me this is pretty important because I think that the distance to the office is the most underestimated fringe benefit.  
I like to work out in the evening and at 10X I can even do that for two hours a week during worktimeThe flexible working hours and unlimited holidays that they offer give so much more freedom to find the time doing nice things after work with my friends or girlfriend. On top of all that, I really like my work.
It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

What do you still want to learn in your position? 

I still have a lot to learn in all aspects of the D2C landscape. I haven’t really thought about very concrete learning goals yet, but that’s also because of the load of information I had to absorb in the past two months. At the moment, it is still ‘learning on the job’ and I hear so many new things every day.
So I’m not worried about whether I’ll be learning enough in the time ahead.


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