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10XCREW is growing! And so is our team. That’s why it’s the perfect time to start introducing our crew. Meet our Head of Data & Insights Roy de Boer and find out why he thinks working at 10XCREW is so much fun.



My name is Roy de Boer, and I am 30 and live in Breda. Two years ago I joined 10XCREW as Head of Data & Insights. I studied Communication & Multimedia Design in Breda. In my career before 10XCREW I worked as marketing manager and lead growth hacker. Over time I moved more and more to the data-driven side of commerce and marketing. What I missed in the previous jobs was the ability to grow personally and I found out I hated red tape. At 10XCREW everybody is eager to accelerate and grow our clients as well as on a personal level.


What is your role within 10XCREW?

The data team enables all other teams to build strategies and take actions based on data and actionable insights. To achieve this we collect data from over 28 sales and marketing channels throughout Europe. We build dashboards and make sure the data is correct and up to date. My role consist of coaching and training my team, setting out our data strategy and roadmap and working on a wide variety of projects.


What does a working day look like for you?

The day starts with checking all data and pipelines, to make sure everything is working and up-to-date. After this, there is time for various projects. We work in two-week sprints and therefore have a clear planning. In the afternoon, there are often meetings to discuss questions and needs from the other teams or our clients. We work closely with the specialists to find out what could possibly be automated in order to constantly improve processes. In the end, no day is the same and there are always new challenges coming our way, which is exactly what makes this job so much fun.


What do you like most about working at 10XCREW?

At 10XCREW we are all D2C specialists, which means that we look at the whole ecommerce landscape and it channels not only the marketplaces or brandstore. So we work with ads within the marketplaces, but also with traditional advertising channels such as Google Ads. Our team creates an omni-channel experience. This is something I really like about what we do. Since I joined 10XCREW we have grown from 15 employees to almost 40 and I still have contact with almost everyone in the company, because of my central role. Working together and coming up with new solutions and projects is something I really enjoy. On top of that, at 10XCREW we have a very nice working atmosphere.


What is something that not many people know about you?

I really enjoy learning and like challenges. I graduated in CMD and I am now in a technical position, so something completely different. Discovering new things gives me a lot of energy. In the DIY house I bought, I try to do everything myself, so I have taught myself welding and furniture making. But I always want to do new things, also in relation to work.

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