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Meet the (10X)CREW! Not only our Dutch team is growing. Did you know we have a German team as well? Time to introduce the (10X)Crew members of Team DE. Meet Dario, our German Client Lead and read about why 10XCrew is a fit for him and more! 

Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

Hi, my name is Dario and I’m 28. I’ve been working at 10XCrew since mid-2022 as Client Lead for our German office in Cologne. I did my Bachelors in International Media Management and started working at Amazon as a Brand Specialist shortly thereafter. This work gave me a deep insight into the Amazon systems and I learned how to use them optimally to get the most out of clients busineses. This concerns all areas around quality of product pages, promotions or general operations. During my studies I also worked in telecommunication, design, and event management. In my free time I like to go to the gym, cook or watch movies. So, I’m a semi-solid pick for every dodgeball and pub quiz team. I love travelling and meeting new cultures. I spent a lot of time in Asia and Oceania after High School where I fell in love with New Zealand and Japan especially.

Could you tell more about your time at 10XCrew so far?

As main contact for all German brands I was warmly welcomed into our team located in Cologne. I immediately got a feeling for the level of effort every single person puts into his or her work. Everyone was and remains extremely open. They supported me throughout my time here no matter the question or request.

What does your work as Client Lead DE look like?

At its core, being a Client Lead is about communication. The communication directed towards your team of internal specialists, just as much as the one directed at your clients. Striking the right balance between motivating your team and delivering for your clients is what determines the quality of my work. I am the first line of contact for all German brands.  As an ex-Amazonian, I know exactly where the challenges lie for Amazon Vendor customers and can therefore help them with appropriate tips and strategies to grow and maximize the chance of success. I’m managing the daily requests of our german customers and all services provided by us to them. Of the latter only some are directly executed by me, like data reports, certain ordering aspects or general strategizing. The main part of the position revolves around the specialists I work with – Talking to them, finding solutions, making sure the client will be satisfied at the end of the day – while managing workloads and occasionally helping where it is needed.

Why does 10XCrew suit you?

10XCrew is a young and flexible company. This brings many advantages that I very much appreciate. No process is set in stone. Every single employee has the opportunity to question things. This not only often improves our work, but it also creates a feeling of constant creativity and value within the team. Additionally, we are already a very international company. Not only can I regularly visit our main office in the Netherlands, I also get to work with clients located all over the world.

What do you still want to learn in your position? 

As an expert in the field of Amazon Vendor relations, I am very much eager to dive deeper into Amazon Seller structures. 10XCrew offers a vast amount of knowledge in all kinds of areas surrounding Amazon D2C structures and the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in all of them. Additionally, I would like to gain more experience when it comes to sales and representing our team. Therefore, going forward, I will spend more of my time networking and visiting fairs.

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