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Introduction Brand

Prénatal is the largest baby retailer in the Netherlands and has been offering (future) parents a wide range of products for pregnancy, babies and toddlers for more than 60 years. In 44 stores spread all over the Netherlands and its own webshop, Prénatal focuses not only on excellent service but also strives to be the place for its customers 24/7. In addition to its own brands, Prénatal also sells other brands such as Maxicosi, Bugaboo and Stokke.


The Situation

Prénatal always sold their products through its physical stores and their own online shop. The possibility of selling on marketplaces like Amazon and remained untouched. Until now!

Selling on marketplaces gives Prénatal the opportunity to reach a new target audience and create additional awareness for their brand. They can also take advantage of the non-branded search that takes place on marketplaces. This allows them to also reach customers who are still in the orientation phase.

Daniel Dunk – Head of e-Commerce & Marketplaces: “As operating on different marketplaces requires different areas of expertise, we decided to partner with 10XCrew to develop a future-proof strategy. Day-to-day operations are covered by several specialists, so all aspects of this new business are managed effectively.”


The Solution

We analyzed the marketplace landscape in the Netherlands based on Prénatal’s target audience. The potential and feasibility to launch on was clearly the biggest. Working closely together with the new business development team of we created a strategic forecast for the first two years with a clear revenue and margin goals.

For the technical setup the short term solution was to start with Logistiek Via (LVB) and at a later stage create a connection through Channel Engine for direct fulfilment through Prénatal’s own warehouse. Enabling also to sell long-tail assortment and create a future proof and scalable technical landscape for selling on other marketplaces.

To guaranty healthy stock levels and prevent out of stocks, inventory management was executed by our supply chain specialist together with Prénatal’s logistics experts. On a weekly basis the demand planning was optimized, stock was forecasted and new LVB shipments where created.

Our content team created an optimization strategy based on focus categories and seasonality. Keyword research and competitor analysis was done to implement the best titles, descriptions and product images to increase organic ranking and drive conversion. Some new USP images were created, which increased the conversion rate by 46.7% within one year.

Then our advertising team went to work to generate paid traffic. On a daily basis they managed campaigns to achieve the best possible result within a Total Advertising Cost Of Sale (TACOS) target. After collecting sufficient data for the focus products, they determined best sellers and set up manual campaigns for an even better result. For example, weekly revenue increased by +55% from one quarter to the next.

During the year, we also aligned with to participate in relevant promotions such as Black Friday to create additional traffic and sales.


The Results






About  10XCREW

10XCREW supports brands and manufacturers with their D2C strategy and execution. Enabling them to reach millions of consumers around the world through their direct online channels. Our goal is to create a perfect synergy between the brand shop, social commerce and all major marketplaces like Amazon and by using cutting edge CRM tactics.

Our team of dedicated specialists support in taking control over listings on all direct online channels. From strategy and training to managing all daily operations and developing technical integrations. We create the perfect content to maximize organic rankings and boost conversion rates. Driving awareness and visibility through advertising campaigns and promotions are also part of the job. All our services include full access to our reporting suite that’s filled with actionable insights from  performance to financial KPI’s.

In anderen Worten, 10XCREW macht alles möglich. 

As part of Constrive, we provide our clients with a full range of services to accelerate their D2C business

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