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Meet the (10X)CREW! Not only our Dutch team is growing. Did you know we have a German team as well? Time to introduce the (10X)Crew members of Team DE. Meet Leona, our Content Lead Germany and read about how her days look like and more! 

Could you briefly introduce yourself? 

Of course, I’m Leona – 28 years old, and I chose Cologne as my home. I studied English and Linguistics and ended up working for 10XCrew about a year ago. Started as a Content Specialist and now I have the opportunity as Content Team Lead to help grow the German Team of 10XCrew. In my spare time I love to be creative in every craft I can get the chance to – be it painting, Macramé, or building stuff. If I’m not doing that you can also find me on the couch with one of my cats, losing myself in some Science-Fiction or Mystery Series.

Could you tell more about your time at 10XCrew so far?

It has been one and half years since I started and let me tell you I have never learned as much as I did while working for 10XCrew. The way of working at 10X fits me quite well and I really enjoy being able to work with the German team and the collaboration with my colleagues in the Netherlands. That includes monthly visits to the main office in Eindhoven where I get the frequent chance to work closely with the international team.

What does your work as Head of Content Germany look like?

Being Team Lead entails two areas right now. On the one hand, I am the Content Specialist for several clients and am responsible for optimizing their content and their products’ presence on marketplaces on a strategic and operational basis. I work with different Amazon Vendor customers and help them find the right content strategie to maximize their succes on Amazon. I create content, make sure the published content is always correct and come up with strategies to improve visibility but especially conversion. Our German market is booming and we work with many great clients and brands. I love the challenge of finding the best solution for each client and working together in innovative ways to achieve the desired result. On the other hand, I have the unique opportunity to build and grow the German Content Team which currently consists of the coordination of team members and internal topics relevant for the German Team.

Why does 10XCrew suit you?

We have a young team, which I really like. Everyone speaks on an eye-to-eye basis and since we’re still a small company, there are lots of opportunities to help shape the company. For 10XCrew, work-life balance is extremely important, and we live our value “Team Spirit” which is essential to me at my working place.

What do you still want to learn in your position? 

So much. We’re just starting with building an independent German team and I’m looking forward growing into the role of Team Lead and everything that entails. How to create the required structures and especially managing a team. I am also eager to learn more as a Content Specialist. In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, you’ve never finished learning, and the data-based approach 10X bases its work on is something I want to improve myself in even further.


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